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Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Fire hydrant painting

Painted fire hydrants provide higher visibility for fire crews when responding to fires and also improve the aesthetics to the neighborhood.  Having volunteers paint hydrants allows fire department members to continue to attend to their duties such as business inspections, pre-plans, public safety presentations as well as responding to fire and medical emergencies.  Having volunteers paint hydrants provides significant cost-savings to our City.

The following will provide you an idea on what will be required of you to complete this task:

  • Plan ahead!  A minimum of two weeks notice is required.
  • Gather 4-7 groups/crews (3 people per group/crew) to assist.
  • Secure wire brushes for each group/crew.
  • Conduct an "orientation" with groups/crews to review instructions.
  • Make cardboard templates 2 ft x 4 ft to place over hydrants while painting.
  • Divide area and supplies among all groups/crews.

The Mesa Fire Department will provide the following supplies:

  • Map(s) of area needing hydrants painted.
  • Paint and thinner.
  • Safety vests.
  • Meeting place (optional) such as fire station.

After the project is complete, you will meet with your Fire Department Representative to return all supplies provided by the Fire Department and a quality control check will be made of the area(s) painted.







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Activity Classifications: Environmental Improvement, Event and Facility - General Assistance, Trades - Painting
Suitability Classifications: Suitable for seniors/retirees, Suitable for adults, Suitable for youth 16 and over, Suitable for youth 12-15, Suitable for families, Suitable for groups, Suitable for service learning volunteers
Time Commitment Classifications: A few hours a month
Duration Commitment Classifications: Flexible commitment
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