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Hoarding Task Force of Washtenaw County

Address: 2401 Plymouth Rd
Suite C
Ann Arbor MI 48105
Phone Number: 734-973-8791
Email Address: plagrand@presmgmt.com
Contact Person: Patrice LaGrand
Communities: Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti
Classifications: Support Services - Seniors

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Clutter Assistance Program

The Clutter Assitance Program through the Hoarding Task Force of Washtenaw County is a great way to get involved helping individuals with hoarding behavior. Hoarding affects around 6% of the United States adult population and can have major consequences for indiviudals with the behavior.

Contrary to what the popular television shows may portray, hoarding is not a quick fix! Working with individuals with hoarding behavior takes time and understanding. Volunteers will work with individuals on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to remove clutter from one small area of the home. Volunteers must recognize that it is the individual's choice as to what they remove and what they keep; but the volunteer can be an excellent support system and a cheerleader to the individual to aid in making those choices.

If you are interested in volunteering with individuals who have hoarding behaviors please contact the Hoarding Task Force today!

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Mission Statement

The Hoarding Task Force of Washtenaw County is a partnership of public and private agencies which seek to raise public awareness of hoarding and to preserve safe and appropriate housing by developing best practices and early intervention strategies.

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