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City of Roseville - Library

Roseville Downtown Library - Mac Lab Instructor


Share your computer skills and change the lives of beginning computer users!

 As the world becomes more wired and economy demands computer knowledge, many people are learning to use a computer for the first time or upgrading their skills.

Be a part of a team that is helping to bridge the digital divide in our community.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with adults helping them with a variety of computer tasks: e-mail, Internet searching, basic computer skills, etc.
  • Share ideas with other Mac Lab Instructors and staff


  • Training and orientation will be provided to all new volunteers.
  • Volunteering requires fingerprinting from the Roseville Police Department. To acquire the fingerprinting you will need a current government issued ID.

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Qualifications Required

  • Computer Literacy - Basic
  • Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel - Basic
  • Work pace - Adhere to schedule
  • Experience with Microsoft Access - Basic
  • Experience with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint - Basic
  • People Skills - Basic

Schedule Summary

Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings Nights
Monday 2Monday Mornings - No 1Monday Afternoons - Yes 2Monday Evenings - No 2Monday through the night - No
Tuesday 1Tuesday Mornings - Yes 2Tuesday Afternoons - No 2Tuesday Evenings - No 2Tuesday through the night - No
Wednesday 2Wednesday Mornings - No 1Wednesday Afternoons - Yes 2Wednesday Evenings - No 2Wednesday through the night - No
Thursday 2Thursday Mornings - No 2Thursday Afternoons - No 2Thursday Evenings - No 2Thursday through the night - No
Friday 2Friday Mornings - No 2Friday Afternoons - No 2Friday Evenings - No 2Friday through the night - No
Saturday 1Saturday Mornings - Yes 2Saturday Afternoons - No 2Saturday Evenings - No 2Saturday through the night - No
Sunday 2Sunday Mornings - No 2Sunday Afternoons - No 2Sunday Evenings - No 2Sunday through the night - No


Activity Classifications: Computer Support - Training, Teaching / Tutoring / Assisting
Suitability Classifications: Suitable for seniors/retirees, Suitable for adults, Suitable for youth 16 and over, Near or on a bus route
Time Commitment Classifications: A few hours a week
Duration Commitment Classifications: 7 to 12 months
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