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30th Space Symposium

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Exhibitor Check In

Exhibitor registration and check in volunteers will help register symposium exhibitors, which includes distributing exhibitor registration materials, exhibitor badges, and creating new name badges as needed.

The volunteers in this area will need to familiarize themselves with the exhibit center layout and gain general knowledge of the entire event to assist customers of the symposium with any questions they may have.


5/19/2014 5/22/2014 3Scheduled  2No shifts available  
Greeter and Directional Support

The Greeter and Directional Support volunteers will be in the two main buildings - Broadmoor hall and the International Center helping to greet customers as well as direct them to where different NSS registrations, events, meetings, and the like are located throughout The Broadmoor hotel. We would like the greeters to be proactive in assisting customers to get to the right locations and will supply you with information that will help you know exacts for registrations, etc.

The Space Foundation will send you out materials to review and become acquainted with prior to NSS to make it easier for you to answer some of the "where is this and where is that" questions. Again, these volunteers will need to be comfortable in being proactive in helping customers get to the right locales as The Broadmoor has many buildings.

5/19/2014 5/21/2014 3Scheduled  2No shifts available  
IT/Technical Assistance

Computer setup and tear down volunteers will assist Space Foundation IT personnel with the setup of all computer and IT equipment in various areas throughout The Broadmoor Hotel both before and during the symposium. Computer setup volunteers will also assist with the taking down and packing up of all IT equipment following the event. Please ensure you are able to perform the following:

Be able to quickly set up and turn on any computer equipment and most AV equipment.

Must be able to set up networking equipment such as switches and networking cables.

Must be able to lift more than 50 pounds for a few minutes.

5/18/2014 5/22/2014 3Scheduled  2No shifts available  
Registrant Check-In

Registrant Check-In volunteers help to register symposium attendees and assist with “Express Check-in”. Prompt, courteous, and efficient customer service is a must. Pre-registrants will receive their badge, event materials, meal tickets, and registration bag. Volunteers will help hand out these materials to the registrants. Badges will be prepared for new registrants. Please follow all policy and procedural guidelines given to you at upon arrival of volunteering or during volunteer training.

This area will also support our Customer Service team with checking in visitors and guests of the Space Symposium.

5/18/2014 5/20/2014 3Scheduled  2No shifts available  
Security and Door Monitoring


Security and Door Monitor volunteers provide onsite security at all symposium entry points. The primary responsibility is to monitor entry control into the symposium sessions, meals, receptions, exhibit centers, and other areas as directed by the security chairperson(s) and/or Space Foundation team members. Checking credentials at these entry points is an important and main role of security volunteers.

5/19/2014 5/22/2014 3Scheduled  1Some shifts available  
Student Tours in the Exhibit Center


Volunteers will assist the Education department in over-seeing the student tours throughout the symposium exhibit center. Groups of students, from local schools will be simultaneously touring the Exhibit centers, both North and South halls. Volunteers will assist in ensuring the each group is toured correctly to the various booths planned for the tour.

In addition, please monitor the students in their assigned group and ensure they are behaving appropriately

5/21/2014 5/21/2014 3Scheduled  2No shifts available  

Transportation volunteers assist the Speaker Coordinator and Transportation Chair with picking up and dropping off symposium speakers and VIPs. Vehicles will be provided for this position. The transportation chair for this volunteer position will have more details and scheduling information as we get closer to symposium in May. If interested, please sign up for what day(s) may work for you and either an am or pm time frame. We will now only be picking up VIP's and Speakers from the Colorado Springs airport and returning them to the Colorado Springs airport.

5/18/2014 5/23/2014 3Scheduled  1Some shifts available  
Visitor & Guest Check In 5/20/2014 5/22/2014 3Scheduled  2No shifts available  
Volunteer Check In

Volunteers will support Volunteer Registration with assisting in registering volunteers and ensuring they know where their volunteer position post is located. Volunteers will give the volunteers checking in their badge and various other materials dependent upon if they are registering or checking out. Volunteer registration is also an area where information regarding the symposium is asked and handbooks will be provided to be able to answer these questions.

5/18/2014 5/22/2014 3Scheduled  1Some shifts available  

Space Foundation Discovery Center

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Activity Support for "Star" Thursdays and Saturdays

the last Thursday and the first Saturday will be considered "Star" Thursdays and Saturdays at the Space Foundation Discovery Center. We will focus on different themes that match our mission of exhibiting a "Launch to the Moon" as well as the various datasets and presentations we are able to show on the Science on a Sphere. We will have extra activities and plan a more robust time in the Discovery Center on these special "Star" Thursdays and Saturdays.


5/1/2014 12/6/2014 3Scheduled  0All shifts available  
Admissions Support Discovery Center

This position will be the greeter for the visitors coming to the Space Foundation Discovery Center. There will be a small amount of data intake (where are you from? how did you hear about us?) as well as handling a small amount of cash. You must have a friendly, outgoing personality, an interest in dealing with the public and a desire to answer general questions. We will ensure you are trained on the exhibits and basic information about the Science On a Sphere® so you can answer questions that visitors may have when they enter – but you will not be expected to provide the complex information that docents will provide.You will also keep the reception area well organized, tidied and stocked with brochures.

4/23/2014 5/31/2014 3Scheduled  1Some shifts available  
Docent for Discovery Center

This volunteer position entails answering visitors' questions and helping to ensure the visitors are enjoying and getting as much our of the visit as they can. Docents must be friendly and enjoy working with people of all age groups. The groups will vary and may consist of student groups, adult individuals or adult groups with or without children. Two important factors to keep in mind for this position: you need to be able to learn, retain and relate information (the information will be provided to you) and you must be able to interact comfortably with students of all ages, as well as adults.

There is some training involved with being a docent, but also learning and educating yourself on presentations and data sets will help you to be successful in this area. Promptness and reliability are a must. Occasionally, we may need the docents to work the light security position or the reception desk. We will ensure all volunteers are cross-trained.

4/23/2014 5/31/2014 3Scheduled  1Some shifts available  
Groups and Education Support Discovery Center

This volunteer activity indicates dates that we have groups coming into the Space Foundation. It may be student groups/field trips or it may be professional groups or organizations coming to utilize our space. It will be all different times of day from during business hours to after hour events. Generally if during the day it is a student group but not always.

Please feel free to sign up for a time you may be available for and would like to volunteer. Also feel free to contact me with any questions about the group coming in.


5/7/2014 5/17/2014 3Scheduled  2No shifts available  
Light Security for Discovery Center

This position will help to provide a safe environment for visitors, including those on both private and public tours. This includes watching over the El Pomar Space Gallery, ensuring that fragile items are not being handled, touched or moved, and watching over the Science on a Sphere® area. Volunteers must be able to answer questions in a friendly and professional manner. Volunteers will work with a Space Foundation team member if any problems arise.

4/23/2014 5/31/2014 3Scheduled  1Some shifts available  

Mission Statement

Our mission: To advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity.

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