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General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Arts

    Bring your creativity to the library and support programs with your artistry!

  • Carlsbad history

    Do you love this city?  Do you want to help preserve our historical records for generations to come?  The history room could be the place for you to invest your time and energy

  • Clerical Work

    Do you have attention for detail?  Are you organized?  Some of our programs need just that to keep our library in tip top shape!  

  • Computers

    We all rely on computers and we need people who know what to do when the computer doesn't! Invest your skills in keeping our computers running and helping others learn to use them!

  • Crafts

    Crafts! Crafts! Crafts!  Like to make beautiful things?  We love to make our library look fabulous for every season, engage our young patrons and have fun in the process.  Come help out!

  • Dramatic reading

    Help our young patrons develop a love for reading!  Help develop imaginations and grow their curiosity.  Programs like Saturday Stories do just that and we need creative people to help our young patrons discover the world of reading!

  • eReaders

    Help others in our community learn to acces books from the library from their eReaders (like Kindle, iPad, Nook). 

  • Genealogy

    Curios about where you came from?  Family history and background?  Carlsbad has the second largest Genealogy collection in the state of California (1st place goes to Sacramento).  People come from all over to put the pieces of their past together.  Come help facilitate that discovery process!

  • Graphic design

    If you have skills, we may have projects for you to help the library!

  • Homebound Program

    Do you love coming to the library?  What if you couldn't make it there?  Our Homebound program brings the library to someone's front door.  A friendly face and a stack of books can make someone's day.  Want to make a difference?  Check out the Homebound program. 

  • Homework Zone

    Help a student finish tonight's homework at the Homework Zone!  Our volunteers provide help doing homework for k-12.  

  • Organization

    Do you love to get rid of clutter, keep things neat and tidy?  We can use your help!  Keeping the library in order helps us keep our resources accessible.  We have several different programs that look for people who have great skills in organization.

  • Returning books to the shelves

    Books fly on and off our shelves everyday.  Help us keep them in order and easily accessible.  

  • Science

    Do you have an interest in science?  Do you like to help others develop that interest too?  We have opportunities at the library!

  • Shelf Reading

    Do you have attention to detail?  Notice when things are out of place?  Are you patient?  Do you like keeping things in order?  Shelf readers watch diligently over the books in our library to make sure that they are all in the right place, so we can find them at the right time!

  • Sorting book donations

    Everyday we are given hundreds of books.  We love it!  And we need help making sure they get to the right places.  Whether it's just the book we've been looking for to add to our collection, or a great book donate to the "Friends of the Library" to sell, or to know when it's time to recycle them.  

  • Special Events

    Want to help, but can't commit weekly?  We have special programs that need hosts and ushers.  Please come welcome guests and set up and clean up our library programs.

  • Summer Reading Program

    Can you imagine 200 youth volunteers engaging with hundreds of young readers?  The Summer Reading Program draws this kind of crowd.  Kids get prizes for completing their reading, help to figure out hard words and passages.  It's fun for everyone and a really special thing for our community.

  • Teaching adults to read

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    What would it feel like if you couldn't read?  Many in our community are struggling with this very thing but the library has a program that has helped hundreds and continues to offer hope to our community.  Help an English speaking adult learn to read and write English through our Adult Literacy Program.

  • Test proctoring

    Could you imagine having to pay $50 just to take an exam?  The library offers free test proctoring and has saved our patrons hundreds of dollars as they increase their personal skills and learning.

  • Working with Children

    Do you love kids?  The library offers several programs specifically designed to engage our younger clientele.  Come be a part of investing in the lives of the next generation of leaders!

  • Working with Seniors

    Do you have a heart for older adults?  We have a few programs that serve this integral part of our community.  

Cole Library

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Children's Library Assistant

Assist Children's Librarian with miscellaneous tasks.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Assist Genealogy Department (training provided), flexible hours.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Shelf Reader

Assist in organizing, shelving, straightening and shelf-reading of library stacks.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Dove Library

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Book Donation Sorter

Moving donated materials into the Library, categorizing and pre-sorting books and magazines - determining where donations should be routed, tracking inventory. Help us find the "hidden" gems of text" in our book donations.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Collections and Technical Services Assistant

May include a variety of assigned duties as needed in office and/or assisting with concerts at the Schulman Auditorium.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Science Saturday

Volunteers assist Science Program leader with groups of preschool and elementary aged children to inspire and instill a love of science.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Shelf Reader

Assist in organizing, shelving, straightening and shelf-reading of library stacks.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Test proctor

Provide a free by-request proctor service to library patrons taking written and online exams. Number of hours varies. Location - Dove.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Library Learning Center

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Adult Literacy

Teach adults to read in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Materials and training provided.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Adult Literacy Tutor

* Open up a new world to adults who have never learned to read * Tutoring adults who have decided they want to learn to read creates inclusion in the community * Four hours a week commitment

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Early Literacy Tutor     1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Shelf Reader

Make sure that all the books are in the right place on the shelves!  Need to have a high attention to detail! 

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  


Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Special Events

Assisting with special events, hosting programs, helping with one time needs.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Mission Statement

The Library is the destination for information, enjoyment of reading, lifelong learning and cultural enrichment for those who live, work and play in Carlsbad.

The Library provides community members of all ages with convenient access to high-quality resources and services to inform and enrich individual and community life.

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