City of Arlington

Arlington Police Department

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Alarm Permits


    The Police Alarm Office issues alarm permits to residents and businesses.


    Details include answering phones and providing customer service regarding the City's Alarm Program; preparing outgoing mail by inserting documents in envelopes; Filing documents and pulling expired permits for storage; Operating a personal computer for purpose of light data entry and typing.


    Skills required:  Ability to interact with the public via telephone; operate a copy machine; basic typing skills (knowledge of Microsoft Office helpful).


  • Arlington Citizens Police Academy

    Take a trip through the Citizens Police Academy for an intimate hands on tour of how we police our great city.

  • Arlington Clergy Assisting Police Programs
  • Arlington Hispanic Police Association

    11 Week course conducted in Spanish designed to educate and engage the local Hispanic Community in our community policing practices.

  • C.O.P Mobile

    Be an intriquite part of community based policing by driving strategic patrols within your policing district with a Citizens Patrol city owned vehicle.

  • CID - Homicide Unit General Office Support

    The Homicide Unit needs help with data entry.  Volunteers will enter information from tips on cases into an Access database.  Requirements include attention to detail, ability to work on your own, and understanding for complete confidentiality.  Other administrative duties may be performed as needed

  • CID Robbery Survey
  • Citizens on Patrol

    Be the "Ambasador" of your neighborhood and partner with us by patrolling and reporting suspicious and criminal activity directly to your police patrol personnel.

  • Communication- Web Content
  • Communities Against Crime 5K Run

    The 23rd Annual Communities Against Crime 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk. Volunteers are needed to assist runners and citizens with questions.

  • East District C.O.P Mobile

    1- 2 Members for 2 hr shifts.

    Patrolling is based on areas of need within your district based on statistical data.

  • East District Citizens On Patrol

    Neighborhood specific patrol assignments. Background check required. 

  • East District Front Desk

    Volunteer will work at the Police Front Desk at the East police station (2001 New York Ave) along with a uniformed police officer.  The volunteer answers phone calls and greet visitors arriving at the police station.  Volunteers recieve relevant training prior to assignment.  Background check required.  

  • East District General Office


    Volunteer will perform general clerical duties including sorting, filing, scanning, copying, and shredding functions. 
    Candidates must have the ability to lift and carry up to 10 lbs.  Background check required.   

    This volunteer position will  require an interview with the Office assistant and office coordinator.

  • Emergency Response
  • Entertainment District CCTV - Cowboy Game Day

    Due to the high volume of people in the Entertainment District volunteers are being asked to assist in viewing the CCTV's for suspicious behavior.  Must be qualified to volunteer.

  • Entertainment District Sky Watch Tower

    EDTU is seeking volunteers to man the skywatch towers during the holiday season.  The location of this assisgnment will primarily be in the Lincoln Square shopping center area.  Volunteers are asked to volunteer on the dates requested but the times listed are flexible and will be worked around the volunteers schedule.  Times that are preferred are 10am to 2pm and 2pm to 6pm daily.  Background check required. 

  • General Administrative

    General Administrative functions as required by the Community Support Bureau

  • General Office Work

    Perform shredding, re-assigning mailboxes, copying officers blank reports, making calls about located property, straightening & organizing storage areas.

  • IALEP Conference

    Good afternoon APD Volunteers,

         Management Services is assisting the APD in hosting a conference from Sept. 12st-25th for the international Association of Law Enforcement Planners/IALEP.  The conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel on Lamar Blvd and we are in need of 2-3 volunteers to assist with the following:

         1)     Looking for 2-3 volunteers on Monday, Sep. 21st to staff the registration table from 3-5pm.


         2)     If possible, a volunteer is needed who can be at the conference from Tuesday, Sept. 22 through Thursday, Sept. 24th to set up a laptop and projector for the workshops that are being presented.  There will be two rooms with a laptop and projector so 1 volunteer per room would be great, if possible, if not both rooms will need to be set up and checked prior to the workshop start time of 8:30 am.

    This is a great conference, and if the participating volunteers would like to stay and attend the workshops, then they are welcome to do so, the agenda is attached.


    If you are interested in assisting with this activity, please sign up through management services tab under IALEP Conference tab, and if you need additional information please contact Angie Rayburn-Pigat.


    Thank You for your volunteerism,

  • Jail - Central Administrative

    The Arlington Police Department needs volunteers in Central, who would operate the door system computers to open and close the sally port doors, along with the doors leading from the sally port into the booking area. The Central volunteers would be responsible to ensure officers are not bringing weapons into the jail. This volunteer could remove bond information from the fax machine, make copies for officers, and perform other minor tasks. This process will allow the bond clerks to focus on other tasks in their area. Volunteers are also needed to assist in Jail Work Out to build case packets. This would free up valuable time for JWO Investigators to file and process cases. Volunteers will not work on the jail floor or have any contact with inmates. They would only work in the secure central control room or the JWO office.

  • Jail Workout - Building Cases

    The Arlington Police Department needs volunteers in Jail Workout to build and edit Case Packets.  The volunteer will pull the rap sheets from the State and validate and verify all data to ensure that the informamation is all correct and up-to-date.  The packet will then be assigned to a detective to submit to the D.A.'s office.  Volunteers will not work on the jail floor or have any contact with inmates. They would only work in the secure central control room or the JWO office

  • Lay Ministry Jail
  • Management- Admin and Recruitment
  • Management Services - Quartermaster's Office
  • Monitor Milestone Cameras

    Shifts are Monday through Friday beginning at 6 or 7pm for 2 to 3 hours. You will be monitoring the Milestone cameras at the North Front Desk and reporting suspicious activity to the Front Desk Officer on duty. You do not need CCTV nor Front Desk training as you will only be monitoring the cameras.

  • Municipal Office Tower

    The Arlington Police Dept provides security for the Arlington Municipal Court and other city government offices in the eight stories of the Municipal Office Tower. This volunteer will work in the main lobby during peak traffic flow times, answering questions regarding the locations of various city offices and other general city related questions. This volunteer must work well with the public, be a people person and enjoy assisting others. Interview required.

  • NORTH CID - Domestic Crimes

    General Office

  • NORTH CID - General Office

    General office duties will be performed as assigned.  Volunteer will require IT internet access, email and access to report folders. 

  • North Disctrict Warrant Round Up

    The North Station is looling for a minimum of 8 Volunteers!

    Volunteers will contact persons with outstanding warrants, offering them opportunity to clear their warrants.

    Volunteers will work at the North station, and will be provided with a list of persons that have outstanding warrants. Instructions will be provided regarding telephone etiquette and a standard template will be provided to include appropriate responses when ask quesitons.  Volunteers will also be given a log sheet to log in details of their contact. This log sheet should be turned in at the end of each session.

    If you would be interested in assisting with this position, please contact:

  • NORTH District C.O.P. Mobile

    1- 2 Members for 2 hr shifts.

    Patrolling is based on areas of need within your district based on statistical data.

  • NORTH District Citizens On Patrol

    Neighborhood specific patrol assignments Background check required. 

  • NORTH District Front Desk

    Assist officers with serving walk-in citizens and answering phone calls from citizens of Arlington.

  • NORTH General Office Work

    Perform various office work including reassigning mailboxes, rearrange storage areas, property validations, copying blank officers' reports, shredding.

  • Office of Communications-General Office

    General office duties to include filing, scanning and other duties as required.

  • PD Battery Recycling

    Collecting used batteries from the collections bins located at each district, the Training Center as well as a larger bin in the Quartermaster’s Office in the North District Building. The batteries will be transported to the City Recycling Coordinator on the second floor of City Hall. Future tasks will include expansion of the program and ensuring that all PD batteries are recycled by increasing number of collection bins, and enhancing awareness of the program by use of posters, etc.  Volunteer will use his or her own vehicle for transporting the batteries to City Hall.

  • Photography/Video Production

    The volunteer must have experience and be able to utilize video and photography equipment. The volunteer will be allowed to shoot at events hosted by the Arlington Police Department. Background check is required.

  • Property Room Parsing

    Their basic duties would be to cross check case numbers with Tiburon and the county main frame to determine if property being held under those report numbers is still needed to be retained for criminal prosecution.


    The Volunteer would be trained by the property room staff on how to research cases, and then given a list of cases. Once trained volunteers would check off or highlight case numbers where property destruction would be appropriate. The property they would be researching would be general in nature and not for a crucial area. Their research also could take place at any hour of the day and preferably not in the property room to reduce liability.

  • SID- Auto Theft Validations

    Volunteers are needed to call victims to verify personal information is correct for vehicles listed on NCIC/TCIC as stolen.

  • SID- Crimes Against Children- General

    General office work to include: making phone calls, filing, data entry.

  • SID- Crimes Against Children- Runaway

    General Office to include: making phone calls, mailing letters, data entry.

  • SID- Economic Crime Unit

    General office work to include contacting victims of financial crimes and merchants to obtain documentation of fraudulent activities.  Entering self report forms into the PD's reporting system.  Background in banking operations, credit card processing and/or check clearing a plus but not required. 

  • SkyWatch Tower - All Districts
  • SOUTH "Because We Care" BMV Report Card

    On Monday, November 26th, I will host a BMV detail from noon (1200hrs) to 2:00pm (1400hrs), and again from 4:00PM (1600hrs) to 6:00PM(1800hrs). Please meet me at the South Station no later than 1:30pm (1330hrs) for the first detail, and no later than 3:30pm (1530hrs) for the second detail. If you can not make the meeting times, but still want to participate, just reply and let me know. Also, please kindly reply to this email and let me know which shift(s) you would like to volunteer for if interested!!!!
    If you can not make Monday's details, do not fret, I will post another day for this upcoming week on Monday!

  • South District C.O.P Mobile

    1- 2 Members for 2 hr shifts.

    Patrolling is based on areas of need within your district based on statistical data.

  • South District Citizens On Patrol

    Neighborhood specific patrol assignments. Background check required. 

  • South District Front Desk
  • South District General Office Work

    General office duties at the South Police Station.

    Requires PD background check
    Volunteer will also have to complete nescassary training


    General Office, i.e filing, parsing warrant packets, prepare documents for court return, additional identified office duties.

  • Surveillance Camera

    Assist in monitoring surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the city.

  • Traffic Unit Assistant

    Assist the traffic unit with enforcement details. This will provide an on scene experience with various subsets of the traffic unit.

  • Unidos Flyer Distribution

    There will be a group from Unidos that will be handing out flyers to multiple perspective business locations on Friday 7/31/15.  Volunteers are needed to assist in handing out flyer, and will meet at the North Station Lobby (Ott Cribbs) at 9:00 am.  The activity will run until approximately noon.All participants should be prepared to do extensive walking, in and out of the outdoors/weather.  Volunteers are allowed to wear comfortable clothing such as nice jean, T-shirts and tennis shoes for this ONE TIME ONLY  activity.

    Please come out and help promote UNIDOS.   If you would like to participate, sign up under the Unidos Flyer Distribution activity listed in the Community Support Bureau section.

  • Vice Unit Outreach Assistant

    Assist Vice Unit with outreach to potential human trafficking victims as well as other sex workers. Volunteer will make contact with victims by responding to advertisements in and other sex solicitation sites. May also be called upon to assist with other community outreach efforts like education and awareness programs as well as help with coordination of Human Trafficking Task Force activities.

  • West CID

    Volunteer will need to be available to help detectives make phone calls on a process called Validations.

    The volunteer will call victims of thefts and burglaries to verify that items stolen have not been recovered and are still missing.

    The volunteer will work with an Investigative Assistant in the West Detective area.

  • West District AIM database data entry

    AIM System: Extracted data details from employee commendations initiated by the chain of command, fellow officers or civilians to recognize outstanding performance or services will be entered into an internal APD database system (AIM). Training and access for the AIM system will be provided by APD Internal Affairs Dept. 

  • West District C.O.P. Mobile

    1- 2 Members for 2 hr shifts.

    Patrolling is based on areas of need within your district based on statistical data.

  • West District Citizens On Patrol

    Neighborhood specific patrol assignments. Background check required. 

  • West District Community Room Ambassador

    Volunteers will monitor scheduled events in the West Police Service Center Community Room and be available to act as an Ambassador and Liaison for the District.

    Volunteer must display a friendly and welcoming attitude.

  • West District Front Desk

    Assist officers with serving walk-in citizens and answering phone calls from citizens of Arlington.

  • West District General Office Work

    General office duties at the West Police Station.

    Requires PD background check
    Volunteer will also have to complete nescassary training

City Wide Community Watch Groups

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
East District/CWG Riverbend Apartments 430 PRA 249     1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
East District/CWG Running Brook Apts Beat 420 PRA 284     1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  


Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Arlington Hispanic Citizens Police Academy #29

  Classes will be held in Spanish and held at the West Training Center.   If you know someone that can benefit from these sessions please make sure to give them the attached flyer.   There is a lot of information being taught in these classes and is a wonderful way to learn more about the Arlington Police Department.


Primavera-Clase 28-Academia de Policía Para Residentes Hispanos







Febrero 12


7:00  Bienvenida/Orientación/Alumnos

         Oficial Natalia Kuehling


8:30  Prevención del Crimen/Resolviendo         Problemas/911

          Oficial Natalia Kuehling 





Training Center- Salón #4

Febrero 19


   7:00  Asistencia para Victimas

          Jose Chaidez





Grupo 1


Training Center- Salón #4



Febrero 26


7:00 Investigaciones de Homicidio 

        DetectiveBen Lopez





Grupo 2


Training Center- Salón #4


Marzo 5


7:00  Investigación de Escena de Crimen

         CSI Daniel Rhodes





Grupo 3


Training Center- Salón #4

Marzo 19


7:00   Operaciones Especiales/ Tácticas/

          Oficial  David Martin

          Oficial Jesse Manning


9:00  Precedimiento de Justicia

         David Stevens/Kris Caldwell


Grupo 4


Training Center- Salón #4



Marzo 26



7:00   Cuerpo de  Bomberos/

           Presentación Operador de   


           Manny Perez








Abril 02



7:00   Búsqueda de Edificios

         Oficial Natalia Kuehling


 8:30  Tácticas Defensivas

         Oficial Natalia Kuehling

         Oficial Ronny McCoy


Grupo 1


Training Center- Salón #4

Abril 09


7:00  Narcóticos    

         Oficial Juan Duran


         Presentación de AAHCPAA

         Maria Elena Dougherty/Natalia Kuehling V2



Grupo 2


Training Center- Salón #4


Abril 16



7:00  Unidad de Tráfico and DWI

           Sargento  Brian García





Grupo 3


Training Center- Salón #4

Abril 23



7:00   Unidad Canina

           Oficial Bobby Muguerza 


8:30  Pandillas

         Oficial Juan Rodriguez


Grupo 4


Training Center- Salón #4



Abril 30



7:00  Investigaciones de menores

          Rico Lucero


8:30  Robo de Auto

          Oficial Jesse Minton





Training Center- Salón #4


Mayo 7


6:30  Graduación








City Hall, Council Chambers


Favor de notar donde se tendrá cada clase.   Las direcciones para cada edificio se listan abajo.

Fire Training Academy está localizada en 5501 Ron McAndrew Dr. (Station 14)

Training Center está localizado en 6000 W. Pioneer Pkwy, oeste de W Green Oaks Blvd. 

City Hall está localizado en 101 W. Abram St.

Para más información sobre la Academia de Policía Para Residentes, llame a la Oficial Natalia Kuehling: (817) 459-5817.





10/4/2015 2/7/2016 3Scheduled  0All shifts available  
Citizens on Patrol: New Member Orientation/Training: Fall

Would you like to help us make a difference? We need people like you to donate time, energy, and experience in a variety of areas including patrolling, building relationships, and more.


The Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) program empowers citizens to actively patrol their neighborhoods, and take steps towards solving problems and preventing new issues. Together, we will be able to help keep our neighborhoods safe. Our current volunteers say they feel rewarded many times over for the help they provided in making a difference in the lives of others. Upon completion of the 12hr training, Citizens on Patrol members will ride out for 4hrs with an experienced member. Please contact today to find out more about how you can help, or visit our website at

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Citizens on Patrol: New Member Orientation/Training Course for 2015 Fall

Course #





Oct. 13, 2015


Arlington Training Center

6000 W. Pioneer Pkwy.

Room #4 & 5

Speaker: M. Benjamin

  • review
  • C.O.P. Program intro
  • S.O.P. review
  • Presentations:
    • Introduction to Citizens on Patrol
    • SOP overview
    • Legalities and Ethics
    • Patrol Procedures


Oct. 20, 2015


Arlington Training Center

6000 W. Pioneer Pkwy.

Room #4 & 5

Speaker: M. Benjamin

  • PD OCC (Media) presentation
  • Presentations:
    • What is suspicious and probable cause?
    • Code enforcement
    • COP Mobile introduction


Oct. 27, 2015


Arlington Training Center

6000 W. Pioneer Pkwy.

Room #4 & 5

Speaker: M. Benjamin

  • Community-Oriented Policing Strategies
  • NCIC /TCIC General Practitioner Certification
  • Presentations:
    • NCIC/TCIC Admin Class
    • 911 Interaction


Nov. 3, 2015


Arlington Training Center

6000 W. Pioneer Pkwy.

Room #4 

Speaker: M. Benjamin

Field Training:

  • Vehicle Operation.
  • Station Tour
  • Log-In procedures
  • Radio operation review
  • Review of vehicle manuals
10/13/2015 11/3/2015 3Scheduled  0All shifts available  
COP Monthly Meeting

Community Partners, 

I want to notify everyone that the Citizens on Patrol Quarterly meeting will now be Monthly meetings, so everyone wanting to attend has the opportunity. Monthly meetings will now be held in the Council Briefing Room of City Hall (101 E. Abram, 3rd Floor) from 6:00 – 7:00pm every 4th Monday starting Sept. 28th. There may be a presentation from the Arlington Police Department at some meetings, but the purpose is to have your voice heard and help each other by sharing with other members experiences you’ve had patrolling. Hopefully, everyone can make it. If there is anything that I can do for your groups please let me know.

Who: All COP and COP Mobile members from all districts

What: Citizens on Patrol meeting

When: Monday, September 28th

Where: Council Briefing Room of City Hall (101 E. Abram, 3rd Floor)

Why: To update COP and COP Mobile members.

How: Log into Better Impact  (V2) and sign up for the COP Monthly Meeting. The Category is Community Support Bureau. The Activity Name is COP Monthly Meeting.

Please bring any questions/concerns about the Citizens on Patrol program that you would like addressed. I look forward to seeing you.



Michelle Benjamin

Michelle Benjamin

Crime Prevention Unit, Arlington Police Department


P.S. If you have anyone wanting to join Citizens on Patrol, the next class starts October 13th and they should sign up on Better Impact (V2) for all 4 classes. Additionally, the next COP In-service is September 1st at 6:00p.m. at the APD Training Center (anyone can attend this class).

10/26/2015 9/26/2016 3Scheduled  0All shifts available  

We want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for sharing your time, talents and energy to help keep our City safe.  You make our day run better and smoother and you help lighten our load.  Our Volunteers are the back-bone of our City and it's important to let you know just how much you are appreciated. 

Most of all, thank you for your patience in this SOP process. We are hosting 3 classes for you to pick up the COP/COP Mobile SOP and receive some information about the changes made and answer questions you may have. You can choose which one of the classes you want to attend (they are the same). 

10/14/15 7:00-8:00pm East Station Community Room

10/19/15 7:00-8:00pm East Station Community Room

10/22/15 7:00-8:00pm East Station Community Room

This is a great win for the COP/COP Mobile Program and we've couldn't have done it without your feedback. Thank you again for all you do! 


Michelle Benjamin

COP Coordinator, Arlington Police Dept.

10/14/2015 10/22/2015 3Scheduled  0All shifts available  
National Night Out

Join the Arlington Police Department and the state of Texas on October 6th to participate in National Night Out.

9/1/2015 10/16/2015 2Seasonal  0All shifts available  

Mission Statement


Achieve a safer community by providing excellent service
and involving our community as partners
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