The Salvation Army - Midland Division

The Salvation Army - Quincy, IL

Childcare and Early Learning

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Kroc Day Camp 6/1/2015 6/1/2015 3Scheduled  0All shifts available  
Nursery Attendant

Caring for children ages 0-5 during Sunday Service so that parents may actively attend church. Nursery volunteers will work under the supervision of the Kroc Staff and jobs will constist of oversight, feeding, changing and active playtime with the children. Volunteers would need to stay from 9:30AM- 11:30AM.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
The Ledge Game Room Attendant 3/2/2015 3/2/2015 3Scheduled  0All shifts available  

Christian Education

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Sunday School Teachers

Individuals would need to be passionate about sharing the gospel with others and able to deliver a christian-based program to the age group of their choice. There is a strong need for youth sunday school teachers!

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Emergency Disaster Services

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Emergency Disaster Member - Badged     1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Emergency Disaster Team

Provide on-call assistance to disaster/fire victims as needed in an effort to help meet physical and spiritual needs of those involved.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Emergency Disaster Team Leader

This individual would need to be a point person for an Emergency Disaster Team. They will need to coordinate the on-call team in response to a disaster/fire within the community. This person would need to have reliable means of contact and be able to attend trainings, meetings and recruitment events regarding EDS. They also will need to be or become familiar with the canteen, community area and co-volunteers.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Food Pantry

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Bread Line

Assist during Bread Line hours when community is able to select bread items donated from local businesses.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  
Filling Shelves

Stock shelves in Food Pantry from donations received.

    1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Salvation Army and Community Leadership

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Volunteer Advisory Council Member     1Unscheduled  0All shifts available  

Mission Statement

The Quincy Salvation Army's mission is to bring about positive changes in lives by meeting spiritual and physical needs.


The Quincy Salvation Army's vision is to be a caring evangelistic church, called by God to make disciples through bible study and prayer, using Godly leaders in every aspect of our ministry.

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