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Beautification and Maintenance Facility Support

Help us create a welcoming, clean, safe, and attractive environment for everyone in the community who enters our doors!

We need a dedicated and organized individual to perform the tasks that will make our facility a place that everyone can be proud of! Responsibilities include floor maintenance, vacuuming the Chapel, emptying the trash, and decorating (in consultation with the supervisor). We'll also ask your help in keeping an eye out for bigger beautification projects that might interest a large group of volunteers.

Candidates must be 21 years of age or older, and are required to clear our criminal background check. You must be able to lift at 30 pounds. Successful candidates must complete our Safe From Harm training.

If you are interested in learning more, please call Director of Facilities at 773-995-0151.

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with The Salvation Army!

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Fine Arts Elective Program

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academy of the arts assistant

Academy of the Arts Assistant will assist staff with teaching of fundamental and advanced techniques to whatever level of student enrolled in a class, and camps.  Assist staff with the teaching of daily class offerings at the center.  Assist staff with activities of RJKCCC and the Academy of the Arts.  Assist in areas as needed.  Must be a team player and willing to learn a variety of arts related subjects

Please contact the Visual Arts Manager at 773-995-0151 for upcoming events and opportunties.

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General Services

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Volunteer will provide educational instruction in a program in their area of expertise.  This might include lectures, group exercises, and sharing.  Instructor will not teach against Salvation Army policy or mission. 

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social services

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emergency services assistant

Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) is one of The Salvation Army's largest facilities, where we prepare for small and large-scale emergencies, both locally and nationally. Whether serving firefighters and victims of local neighborhood fires, or assisting first responders of national disasters like Hurricane Katrina, our emergency relief efforts are there to support communities in need during times of significant hardship and need.
As an Emergency Services Assistant, you will:

  • Prepare and load emergency vehicles
  • Direct community members to services when in emergencies
  • Assist with distribution of food and other supplies as needed
  • Maintain on-site contact with emergency responders (police and firemen)
  • Provide on-site assistance to those in need during emergencies

We look forward to having you join our emergency disaster team! For more information, please contact Wynette at 773-995-0151.

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Youth Program

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Childcare worker

The Kid's Zone attendant will ensure the safety and well being of children that are being cared for in the Kid's Zone/Child watch area while their parents are participating in classes.  Additionally the person would set up Birthday parties and provide games and supervision for students and families who are in attendance.

Must be 18 years of age and Safe From Harm trained

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Bring your 'A' game along with your athleticism and ability to work well with children. Volunteer to be a Coach at The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center - Chicago. The growing sports programming at the Kroc Center - Chicago offers youth an opportunity to join one of the various athletic classes, as well as, weekend tournaments. The programs provide children the opportunity to have fun while playing organized basketball, soccer, football, etc., as well as, learn how to work as a team and develop their talent. 

The Coach should be a friendly individual with experience working with children, specifically in an organized setting. Basic sport specific competencies required.

This position requires 2-10 hours a week which may include after school, evenings and some weekends. Please direct all inquiries to the Volunteer Coordinator at 773-995-0151.

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Gym Aide

A Gym Aide will be one who will provide supervision, monitor and handle disputes of participants, coaches and parents.  Aide will ensure that all equipment will he maintained and inventoried on a regular basis.  This volunteer will work on along with other Aides and managers in the gymnasium. 

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