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Teen Court Volunteer - Adult

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Attorney Advisor

While our Teen Attorneys attend a Saturday training session, they really learn "on the job." It is very helpful to have an adult who can come early enough on Tuesdays to read through the police reports and become familiar with the cases. From there they work with the Teen Attorneys to answer questions, give suggestions as to how they word their opening statements, show them what they should look for in police reports to help defend their client (or represent the State), suggest possible questions they should ask in court, etc. Once court starts, the advisor should be in the courtroom, observing and evaluating, so they can offer suggestions for improvement at the end of the case. They should give advice on presentation, the importance of body language, etc.

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Defendant Check-Out Supervisor

As a DEFENDANT CHECK-OUT volunteer, it is your responsibility to review the jury verdict sheet with both the defendant and their parent (if they have one with them), explain community service opportunities, schedule times to return to serve jury terms and answer any questions. You are the last court support personnel the defendant will see.

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Just as in any other Court proceeding, the JUDGE's responsibility is to ensure fair and impartial justice is done through proper court procedure. In doing so, the judge hears all the witnesses and any other evidence presented by the parties of the case, assesses the credibility and arguments of the parties, and then issues a ruling on the matter at hand based on his or her interpretation of the law and his or her own personal judgment (rules of evidence).

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Jury Check-In Supervisor

Volunteers are needed to supervise the sign-in and appointment of jurors. These individuals are located in the Central Jury Room (CJR) and are required to monitor dress code and the attitude of teens while they wait to be placed on a jury. There is an informative video that's played to help teens understand the process, however you are there to answer questions as well.

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Jury Supervisor

The jury supervisor watches over the teens during jury during deliberation. The jury supervisor:

  • Makes sure that the teens stay on task during deliberation
  • Makes sure all teens are participating
  • Makes sure that a unanimous decision is reached
  • Makes sure the jurors have answered all the questions on the jury verdict sheet and have signed it
  • Offers guidance without advice as to not persuade the jury one way or the other
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Master Jury Supervisor

As a MASTER JURY SUPERVISOR, it is your responsibility to maintain proper procedures and respect for all parties and to make sure that the foreman, bailiff and clerk fulfill their required duties. You will witness the questioning and decision-making process for each case heard, therefore ensuring enough questions have been asked to make a proper decision without swaying the jury on their sentence.

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Teen Court Volunteer - Teenager

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Attorney (Defense or Prosecution)

This is for all attorneys whether defense or prosecution regardless of position. Specific role will be designated by staff.

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Master Juror

When serving as a Master Juror, you will question defendants and deliberate on sentences for traffic related offenses. It is required of those who are Master Jurors to have a drivers license or permit.

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Staff Member (Bailiff, Court Clerk, Juror)


As a Staff Member, you may be asked to serve in one of three roles.

  • Juror: Listens to the presentation of non-traffic cases and deliberates sentencing
  • Court Clerk: Checks-in defendants and their parents while overseeing the office during court and answering phones/taking messages
  • Bailiff: Opens court and calls each case in the courtroom. Responsible for the jury and maintaining order
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Training/Appreciation Dinner

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Attorney/Staff Training

We are excited you've chosen to participate in the Irving Teen Court program. The first step is registering to attend a live training event held at the Criminal Justice Center. During this time, you'll receive an overview of the program and an in-depth description of what each role's responsibilities entail. You'll meet other volunteers and if you've chosen to participate as an Attorney, you'll spend the afternoon diving into real-life court processes with those who do it for a living.

For those who have already served as a volunteer, if you would like to switch roles, you will be required to attend this training.

For those who would like to refresher course, you are more than welcome to attend as well.

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Mission Statement


Irving will be the model for safe and beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant economy, and exceptional recreational, cultural and educational opportunities.


Deliver exceptional services and promote a high quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses.


The Irving Teen Court is sponsored by the City of Irving, in conjunction with the Municipal Court.



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