Boise Police Department

Boise Police Department

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Abandoned Vehicle Unit Assistance
  • City Hall Security Team
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Shuttling
  • Greenbelt Safety Team
  • McGruff "Handler"

    Helps McGruff and interacts with the public

  • McGruff the Crime Dog

    Volunteers play McGruff at public events

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Boise Police Department Volunteer - General

Looking for a meaningful volunteer experience? Volunteer for the Boise Police Department! 

Join the BPD Volunteer Team if you are looking for:

  • Meaningful and rewarding assignments
  • Community involvement
  • Flexible hours and training
  • Placement choices
  • Awards and recognition
  • Internship credit or career exploration
  • Annual functions and FUN!

To Volunteer with BPD, you must:

  • Have a few hours a week to give
  • Want to do something meaningful for your community
  • Be a responsible and law abiding person with high integrity and reliability
  • Are at least 21 years of age
Boise Police Volunteer Placements Include:
Volunteer Community Patrols
  • Boise Greenbelt Patrol (Uniformed)
  • Boise Greenbelt Patrol (Non-Uniformed)
  • Campus Corps
  • City Hall After Hours Public Meeting Assistance
Community Outreach/Special Events
  • McGruff the Crime Dog (Applicant can be 18 years or older)
  • KidPrint Child Fingerprinting
  • One Time Special Events
Administrative and Department Support
  • Administrative Support (Must be available M-F during the workday)
  • Police Vehicle Fleet Maintenance and Shuttling

You are invited to apply by clicking "SIGN UP", creating a profile and completing an application. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted to complete a screening interview and background check. Please indicate specific program interest (if any) in your application. 

Questions? Contact 

Note: if you are applying for a credited internship, please apply through the internship application. 


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Mission Statement

The Boise Police Department Volunteer Program seeks to enhance the mission, goals and efforts of the Boise City Police Department, as well as promote community involvement, awareness and support.

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