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Individual Fundraising Coordinator


The Fundraising Coordinator-Individuals is responsible for coordinating all aspects of individual fundraisers participating in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. This includes recruitment, ongoing support and recognition of top individual fundraisers. The overarching goal is to strengthen relationships with the Run for the Cure’s top individual participants to increase top participant fundraising. Must also be comfortable communicating with individual participants in a pro-active manner by phone and email in order to encourage and support their fundraising efforts.



Work with the Fundraising Stream Co-Run Director and Foundation staff to establish the year’s fundraising goals and strategy.

Work with Foundation staff (and Co-Run Director) to determine the top individual participants at the event site and create a list of key accounts.

Work with the Teams Coordinator, CBCF staff and the Fundraising Stream Co-Run Director to create and maintain a local stewardship plan, based on the regional plan, and including contacts, activities and timelines.

Participate in and/or provide a post-event debrief in order to identify issues, challenges and opportunities for the future.

Provide support to and encourage the local committee members to register and fundraise for the Run for the Cure.

Record all communication with Key accounts and other relevant information on the profiles/lists provided.

Communicate critical information to all key accounts (fundraising tips, special events, etc) through regular phone and email correspondence.

Record all communication with Key Accounts and other relevant information on the profiles/lists provided.

Assist in promoting the Run for the Cure through recognition events and local fundraising or stewardship initiatives.

Provide ongoing support to individuals’ fundraising efforts by offering Run for the Cure promotional materials (buttons, brochures, buck slips, thank you cards, pink ribbons, etc).

Contact Top Individual Fundraisers in days leading up to the Run for the Cure to inform them whether they are in contention for the Determination Award.

Plan event day logistics for Top Fundraisers award winners (also known as Determination Award: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place).

Create and maintain a Master Plan to be shared with the Co-Run Directors annually, including:

- Contacts, activities and timelines.

- Identified issues, challenges and opportunities for future planning and succession planning.

- Post-Run analysis, with a copy given to the Co-Run Directors.



Work closely with Regional Foundation staff on stewardship plan and activities.

Work with Co-Run Director to determine fundraising goal and implement stewardship plan.

Work closely with the Team Coordinator to determine, coordinate and match initiatives of stewarding key participants (individuals and team captains).

Work closely with the committee to relay relevant information to top individual participants and vice versa (inform the committee about top individuals).

Work with Registration Coordinator and Team Coordinator to determine which individuals and teams are in contention for event day awards.



Demonstrated communication skills, both written and verbal

Ability to network and negotiate

Strong organization skills and detail-oriented

Community connections (asset)



Attend Committee meetings as required.

Attend Conference Calls as required.

Chair sub-committee meetings if necessary and be available to identify and solve problems.

Assist with regularly checking the general and/or teams email inbox and telephone hotline to answer participant email and telephone inquiries in a timely manner. Must provide own phone and computer.

Involvement as a Fundraising Coordinator-Individuals could take 2 - 6 hours per week and requires active communication in the summer months. Anticipate that this will increase accordingly as the event approaches.

Presence on site during event day to coordinate with Teams and Registration Coordinators site’s award winners.



To make a difference in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s vision of creating a future without breast cancer through the funds raised by the Run for the Cure.

Development of leadership and communication skills.

Development of logistics and fundraising skills.

Opportunity to work collaboratively with other volunteers in the community.

Increased network of community and corporate contacts.

Further develop relationship management skills.

Contribute to the deserved recognition of top fundraisers.

Work as a team and lead with other like minded volunteers.

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Mission Statement

Our Vision

Creating a future without breast cancer.


Our Mission

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is Canada's leading community-driven breast cancer charity dedicated to:

  • funding relevant and innovative research and
  • supporting and advocating for the breast cancer community


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