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Building Maintenance

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Facilities Support Assistant

Activity Summary:

Help us create a clean, safe, and attractive environment for everyone who enters our doors! We need a dedicated and organized individual to perform the tasks that will make our facility a place that everyone can be proud of.

Under the supervision of our Facilities Manager the facilities assistant will help keep our location clean and updated so we can continue to provide services to our community.

Job Description:

Responsibilities include floor maintenance, vacuuming the Chapel, emptying the trash, and possible event setup. We'll also ask your help in keeping an eye out for bigger beautification projects that might interest a large group of volunteers.

These volunteer hours will need to take place Monday-Friday. The schedule is flexible and will be worked out with the Facilities Manager.


  • 18 years or older
  • Must be able to comfortably lift 20lbs
  • Reliable, professional and hard working
  • Pass initial screening process


Alcohol and drugs are not permitted at any of The Salvation Army's Facilities or volunteer site.

Clothing must be respectful as you will be representing The Salvation Army.

*Off Street Parking is available.*      

If this volunteer opportunity seems like a match for your experience, skills, and interests, please complete the online application by clicking the “Sign Up” button.

For additional questions please contact Tom at

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with The Salvation Army!

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Development Department

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Grant Writing Volunteer

Activity Summary:

The Grant Writing Volunteer provides an opportunity to gain insight into the not-for-profit sector.  Volunteers will need strong writing and research skills, above-entry-level skills in prospect research, grant writing, and donor relations. This position is based out of the Foundation Relations Department but will also interact with the entire Development Department including Corporate Relations, Major Gifts, Donor Relations, and Communications. This position reports to the Manager of Grants & Research, with oversight by the Director of Foundation Relations.

This volunteer position will provide an interactive experience of Chicago’s philanthropic community. The volunteer will gain an understanding of how grant making and grant writing work, will be immersed in the cycle of grant writing, and will develop professional writing skills and competencies in donor relations.

  1. Assist with the writing and development of proposals and reports
  2. Assist with research of current and prospective donors
  3. Assist with needs analysis for program requests
  4. Compile demographic data as needed for grants
  5. Keep files current with contact information and submissions


  • Undergraduate/Graduate student or degreed professional preferred
  • Strong writing skills, with emphasis on turning research into story telling
  • Highly organized and professional
  • Previous experience in grant research and writing a plus
  • Ability to self-motivate and stay on task
  • Availability to work at least 20 flexible hours per week
  • Pass a screening/interviewing process


Clothing must be respectful as you will be representing The Salvation Army. Pants and shirts must cover the waistband. We ask that you refrain from wearing tank tops, undershirts, halter tops, crop tops, spaghetti straps and strapless tops. Shirts with print are not to be offensive. Transparent, tight or form fitting clothes are not permitted. Skirt/dresses must not be worn more than two inches above the knee. Business casual dress would be appreciated for this office position.


Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application by clicking the “Sign Up” button. Then please send a cover letter and resume to our Volunteer Coordinator at

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Salvation Army!  

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Public Relations/Communications Intern

Public Relations/Communications Intern

Hours required a week: 20


As a public relations/communications intern with The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division, qualified candidates will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects including public relations, internal communications, and fundraising. 



  • Assisting in the research, writing, editing and proofreading of press releases and other communications materials.
  • Create media lists with appropriate editors and reporters for upcoming pitches.
  • Interact with members of the media by phone, email or in person to promote press releases, events and calendar announcements on behalf of The Salvation Army, while gaining pitching experience first-hand.
  • Prepare status reports and compile media coverage.
  • Assist directly with the planning and preparation for any upcoming events, including writing media materials, pitching, scheduling and logistics.  All interns will also have the opportunity to be on-site for any event.
  • Audit and categorize our photo "database" by categories in one central location.
  • Speakers Bureau: go through returned packets and update the database. Mail updated packets. Assist with follow up calls to target groups and speakers. Research/suggest potential speaking opportunities.
  • Regularly contact corps to identify interesting human interest stories for use in newsletters/website/pitches.
  • Contribute to written materials: blogs, web postings, social media postings, articles, etc.
  • Assist with photography (if needed and appropriate) at events or corps.


  • Enrolled in college with junior or senior status (recent undergrads welcome) in a related field (e.g. Communications, Public Relations, English, Journalism)
  • Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills. Familiarity with AP Style is not required, but strongly encouraged.
  • Experience in Microsoft Office, Adobe In Design and familiarity with PR software tools (e.g. Cision, Meltwater, PRNewswire)
  • Interest in nonprofits or passion for the cause

This internship is unpaid but will qualify for school credit. There is some flexibility in arranging the schedule, both in hours worked and length of internship.  Intern must have their own transportation (public transit is close to headquarters)


Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application by clicking the “Sign Up” button. Then Please submit resume, cover letter, and two public relations writing samples (classwork is acceptable) to

About The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division

The Salvation Army is the largest social service organization in the world and the single largest direct provider of social services in Chicago and the state of Illinois.  The Army operates 200 points of entry in neighborhoods across the greater Chicago area, providing disaster relief, shelter, meals, rehabilitation programs, child care and head start, senior services and more.  On any given night, about 900 people are sleeping under a Salvation Army roof.   The Army is currently celebrating 130 years of service in Chicago.  The Salvation Army is there every day, 24-hours-a-day in Chicago and throughout the country providing disaster relief to people in crisis.


Please note that our internship opportunities are not compensated financially, but do offer college credits, hours and of course, extensive training and real-time experience working in an innovative and dynamic fundraising environment.

Clothing must be respectful as you will be representing The Salvation Army. Business casual dress would be expected for this office position.

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with The Salvation Army!  

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Family & Social Services

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Child Care Program Intern

The responsibilities of the Child Care Program Intern are specified in the following position description. A criminal-background check, a Territorial Registry check, and Safe From Harm training are required for this volunteer position.

POSITION TITLE:                   Volunteer--Educational Trainer


LOCATION/DEPT:                   Child Care Program


REPORTS TO:                        Program Director



Primarily responsible for promoting the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army and providing educational training for parents and youth. Generate quality communications and build positive relationships with parents and staff.



  1. To provide workshops and training to Head Start parents and staff                     (especially parents, teaching staff, and directors) and Managers on agreed upon


  1. Assures that all workshops for parents and staff are based upon

     developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant practices.

b.   Develop an Educational Training plan that will be reviewed and

     approved by the Program Director.

  1. Facilitates in-service training for parents and staff.
  2. Provide in-service training at delegate level and provides resources to                   individual sites to meet site in-service training requirements.
  3. Provide copies of workshop materials and participant sign-in sheets as

     documentation of trainings.

  1. To provide staff with signed in-kind volunteer forms as documentation of

       the in-kind services provided.

  1. Ensure that the agency has on file documentation of his/her educational

     credentials to ensure that the trainings meet the requirement of our

     Funding source.

  1. Research and discuss additional training that may benefit clients with the

     Program Director and the Educational Manager

  1. Work collaboratively with the Education Manager to ensure that training

       Resources are fully utilized and that the training he/she provides

       compliments the rest of the training in the agency’s educational training

       plan (calendar)


  1. Coordinates the Child Care Program Training
    1. Work with the Program Director and the Education Manager to develop

     the T/TA Plan/Budget which is submitted to CDFSS in June/July

     annually, and once the plan is approved, monitors the expenditure of


  1. Work with the Education Manager to insure that her training is included in

     Child Care Program Training Plan/Calendar which includes training for all

      parents and staff.

  1. Plans with the Program Director and Education Manager if his/her

     schedule allows to facilitate training at the Agency Fall Welcome (Pre

     -Service) for parents and staff.

  1. Work with Program Director and Education Manager to assures that

     training requirements of both Head Start and DCFS licensing standards

are met through coordination with Managers and Site Directors.

  1. Training required by the Head Start Performance Standards.
  2. Annual hours of training require by CDFSS for Child Care staff.


  1. Participates as a member of the Child Care Program Management Team.
    1. Planning
      1. Coordinates with all members of the management team to plan,                         support and monitor training at the assigned The Salvation Army

     Child Care Program.

  1. Support staff if requested to identify potential funding sources for

     supplemental services and develops proposals as requested.

  1. Professionalism

i.    Maintains a professional attitude.

  1. Adheres to personnel policies.
  2. Supports and enforces program regulations.
  3. Assumes and thoroughly completes all duties in a professional  

      and timely manner.

  1. Accepts responsibility willingly.
  2. Demonstrates enthusiasm for the program.
  3. Responds objectively to change.
  4. Responds in a positive manner to constructive suggestions.
  5. Respects the confidentiality of parents, children, and other staff




  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills, using diplomacy and good judgment.
  • Demonstrated ability to use initiative and be a self starter.
  • Articulate in conducting presentations either individually or for groups.
  • The ability to direct (initiate, schedule and manage) a variety of concurrent, high visibility activities is a must.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities, ability to work in a team environment, show integrity and knowledge of community affairs.
  • Ability to work with various groups, and remain calm under pressure.
  • A positive attitude and the ability to be flexible in light of changing job situations/priorities.
  • A strong personal conviction for the mission of The Salvation Army.
  • An excellent      attention to detail, procedures, processes and policies.
  • A flexible style      that also displays a willingness to learn.
  • Ability to write      clearly and give good instructions.




Experience and training in providing training and work with parents and staff. of the Creative Curriculum and other curriculums widely used in the field.



This individual will be evaluated on how effectively the outcomes of this position are achieved as well as the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of accomplishing assigned goals.



This position reports to the Program Director.



This individual will not commit Army resources that have not been allocated or approved.


This individual will not fail to keep the Program Director and other pertinent staff members informed on all critical issues relating to his/her area of responsibility.


This individual will not fail to adhere to all Army policies and procedures in carrying out the responsibilities of this position.



This position is required to do light physical work. In order to successfully perform the essential functions of this position, the employee is regularly required to remain stationary for some periods of time; communicate; use hands and fingers; move; occasionally required to position self to stoop, kneel or crouch; frequently required to reach with and use arms and hands, as required in using standard office equipment and a PC. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision and ability to focus. The work environment for this position includes an office environment with a low noise level.



RPT                 Non-Exempt




____________________________________                       ________________

Employee                                                                                Date


____________________________________                       ________________

Supervisor                                                                               Date



Date: 2/13

Date Revised:




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General Opportunities

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Group Volunteer Opportunities

Those interested in doing a corporate/office, family or church group volunteer activity should contact the location which they are most interested in volunteering.

You can find Salvation Army location on our website

Thank you for your interest.

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Power of Prayer Team Member

Activity Summary:

Have you thought to yourself, I would like to help but weren’t sure how, or if you had the time? Joining our Power of Prayer Team may be perfect for you!

Job Description:

As a member of the Power of Prayer Team, you simply set aside 1 to 2 hours per week to pray for your neighbors in need. We will provide a list with the first name and details of the prayer request – you provide the prayer.

Community members often send ‘prayer requests’ to The Salvation Army, believing in the power of prayer. With your help, we can put their minds at ease.

You can pray from your home, a coffee shop, your church or wherever works best for you. You can pray alone, or with a group. Simply pray over the requests provided.


  • Believe in the power of prayer to help The Salvation Army provide a critically-needed service to people in the Chicagoland area.

If this volunteer opportunity seems like a match for your experience, skills, and interests, please complete the online application by clicking the “Sign Up” button.

For additional questions please contact Sandra at 773-205-3530 or by email at

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with The Salvation Army!

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Service Extension

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Office Assistant -- Service Extension

Activity Summary:

The Service Extension Department is looking for a committed individual to help with various administrative tasks.  The ideal volunteer will be friendly, organized and professional, with better than average computer skills.  Tasks include data entry, filing and possibly responding to phone and e-mail inquiries, helping interested volunteers with applications and other office duties as assigned  Additional responsibilities and tasks may be assigned depending on the interest and ability of the candidate.

Volunteers can complete 2-8 hours shifts Monday through Friday from 8:15am-4:15pm.


  • 18 years or older
  • Reliable, professional and hard working
  • Pass initial screening process


Volunteers need to be willing to undergo a background check and initial screening process.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking are not permitted at any Salvation Army Facilities or volunteer site.

Pants and shirts must cover the waistband. Shirts with print are not to be offensive. Shoes are to be closed toe. We don’t want any injuries done to the toes. Flip flops, shorts, tank tops, undershirts, or halter tops, sleeveless shirts, crop tops, spaghetti straps and strapless tops are not permitted. Transparent, tight or form fitting clothes are not permitted. Skirt/dresses must not be worn more than two inches above the knee.

 *Off street parking is available**

Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application by clicking the “Sign Up” tab.

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Web Based Volunteer Opportunities

Activity Start Date End Date Status  
Digital Marketing Internship

The Salvation Army is looking for a Chicago resident who is proficient and active user of digital and interactive media.  The ideal candidate will be creative, self-motivated, have excellent written and oral communication skills, and will possess a positive and professional approach when working with a variety of people.

Position Requirements:

  • To perform well in this internship you will need to enjoy using and have working knowledge of social and news media websites as well as have lots of initiative and understand the power of a social media presence for brands and products. 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience with blogging, using Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Flickr, YouTube and mobile texting.
  • Be able to meet deadlines and think outside of the box; the more ideas, the better!
  • Students working toward a college degree in marketing, advertising, communications, public relations, or journalism are preferred.

Job Description:

  • Contribute effective marketing to our social networking initiatives, including updates and maintenance.
  • Assist with mobile texting promotions.
  • Proactively create and maintain online conversations

This is an unpaid internship (application for school credit encouraged) for a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for 3 months at The Salvation Army’s Divisional office in the Chicago/Albany Park area.  

To Apply:

  • Please provide a resume and cover letter citing examples of social media usage
  • 2 examples of how you have used the internet to drive users to take action
  • A link to your blog if applicable
  • Your professional Twitter handle, LinkedIn Profile or Facebook Profile
  • All resumes should be emailed to Angela Vaughn –
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