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Public Works - Crossing Guard - Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS)

The Safe Routes To School program is now accepting applications for elementary school crossing guards. SRTS is looking for individuals 18 years of age and older to serve as Crossing Guards at elementary schools in West Roseville.

Why volunteer as a School Crossing Guard?  “The Presence of adult crossing guards can lead to more parents feeling comfortable about their children walking or bicycling to school”.

Help Children cross the street safely

Remind drivers of the presence of pedestrians.

Be a role model for children.

      Get to know and give back to your community.  

  • Meet other volunteers and the staff that make Roseville the great city it is.

To get started today, register with SRTS by clicking the sign up button or call Yvonne Woolsey at 916-774-5351.  All training and equipment will be provided.

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Qualifications Required

  • Walking - Moderate level of activity
  • Work pace - Adhere to schedule
  • Ability to Lift - Lifting not to exceed 5 pounds

Schedule Summary

Day Mornings Afternoons Evenings Nights
Monday 1Monday Mornings - Yes 1Monday Afternoons - Yes 2Monday Evenings - No 2Monday through the night - No
Tuesday 1Tuesday Mornings - Yes 1Tuesday Afternoons - Yes 2Tuesday Evenings - No 2Tuesday through the night - No
Wednesday 1Wednesday Mornings - Yes 1Wednesday Afternoons - Yes 2Wednesday Evenings - No 2Wednesday through the night - No
Thursday 1Thursday Mornings - Yes 1Thursday Afternoons - Yes 2Thursday Evenings - No 2Thursday through the night - No
Friday 1Friday Mornings - Yes 1Friday Afternoons - Yes 2Friday Evenings - No 2Friday through the night - No
Saturday 2Saturday Mornings - No 2Saturday Afternoons - No 2Saturday Evenings - No 2Saturday through the night - No
Sunday 2Sunday Mornings - No 2Sunday Afternoons - No 2Sunday Evenings - No 2Sunday through the night - No


Activity Classifications: Advocacy, Childcare, Counseling / Mentoring, Environmental Improvement, Security / Public Safety, Teaching / Tutoring / Assisting, Transportation - People, Visitor / Companion
Suitability Classifications: Suitable for seniors/retirees, Suitable for adults
Time Commitment Classifications: A few hours a day
Duration Commitment Classifications: 7 to 12 months
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