Calgary International Film Festival

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • "Ask me" Volunteer

    These shifts all occur at Eau Claire Market Cinema (200 Barclay Parade SW)

    "Ask Me" Volunteers - Are Stationed at every venue to answer any questions regarding the festival. They are required to know important information such as Hot Spots, addresses, film synopsises, and general filmfest questions. You should feel comfortable interacting with the public to volunteer for this position. 

  • Administration/Office Volunteer
  • Bike Courier Volunteer

    To Volunteer as a Bike Courier you must have access to your own bicycle, and live near downtown as you will be "On Call" for your shifts.

    Duties: Delivering various materials to our different venues around downtown Calgary. The work is very unpredictable and may involve 4 hours of sitting one day and 4 hours of traveling the next.

    Job Date: September 19th - Oct 2rd 


  • Box Office Volunteer/Lifestyle Lounge

    These individuals will help with customer queries, and care throughout the festival. They will be stationed at the Lifestyle Lounge as well as the Box Office Kiosk at the Cineplex Eau Claire Movie Theatre.

    Duties Include:

    - Selling Tickets to films

    - Assisting customers with the self service station.

    - Answering the box office information line

    - General assistance to the Box Office staff

    - Cleaning and Maintaining the LifeStyle Lounge and Box Office Kiosk


    - This volunteer activity requires a minimum 25 hour commitment 

    -Police Backround check.


    Job Date: Sept 9 - Oct 3 2011

  • Community Relations Volunteers
  • Event Logistics Volunteer

    This group of Volunteers are in place to ensure the galas and parties run smoothly.


    - Manage the door
    - Give out Drink Tickets
    - Manage the coat check
    - Set-up and Take down of Festival Banners, Posters, Equipement etc.

    Things to be aware of:

    - This position can go as late as 2:30am to tare down after parties are done.

    - Volunteers are expected to work at galas not attend them as a guest.

    - Interviews will be scheduled for this position will take place at the beginning of September.

  • Guest Relations Volunteer

    Guest Relations Volunteers must be:

    - Flexible and Adaptable
    - Able to provide superior customer service
    - Have knowledge of the city and the festival.
    - Able to fill the downtime with their own work

    Sept. 19 - Oct. 2

    25hr. minimum commitment

    -Greet Delegates
    -Organize and put together Delegate Packages
    -Hand out Delegates Packages
    -Tidy and organize delegates lounge
    -Ensure all supplies and goodies are stocked in the delegates lounge
    -Help Box Office Manager as needed.

    Anyone is open to submit their availability and resume for the Guest Relations Position ( however, only certain people will be accepted to work this position.

  • Maitre D Volunteer

    The Maitre D Volunteer is responsible for management of the other volunteers at the different Theatre Venues.

    Main responsibilities include:

    - Assistant to the Venue Manager

    - Organizing volunteers at Venues

    - customer care of sponsors, guests, VIPs, and general patrons to the festival

    - delegating tasks to the theatre attendants


    There is a 25 hr time commitment for this position.

  • Photographer/ Videographer Volunteers

    Help us capture the Festival atmosphere through photographs and videos. If you have an interest and flare for visual arts you'll love this job!


    **To volunteer for this position you must have access to your own gear!

    If you are interested in this position please send a sample of your photos/video to

  • Social Media Volunteers

    Social Media Volunteer are asked to watch screeners of certain films before they play at the festival and blog about them on our 2011 CIFF Blog. We like to have our volunteers watch them before they play at the festival to create buzz about films and get more people attending!

  • Sponsorship Ambassador

    This group of Volunteers are responsible for all things sponsorship related at the various venues.


    - Ensure sponsor's posters and marketing materials are visable

    - Check for giveaways

    - Answer and assist sponsors when they arrive at theatres

    - Set up and organize VIP booth at Theatre Venue Locations

    - Ensure that Sponsor's and VIP receive Front of Line service *if space and tickets are available*



  • Theatre Attendant Volunteer

    This group of volunteers is the largest during our 10 day festival. They are responsible for crowd control, counting tickets, ushering in guests, cleaning theatre and supporting staff.

Mission Statement

The Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is a 11-day celebration of visual arts and cinema, screening over 150 multi-genre films from around the world and highlighted by a series of gala events, awards ceremonies, and special presentations. 


Since 1999, CIFF has become one of the largest film festivals in Canada – enjoyed by upwards of 50, 000 cultural enthusiasts - and a premiere cultural event in Calgary’s social calendar.  Demonstrating unparalleled diversity and accessibility as an arts medium, CIFF is integral to the cultural fabric of the city, delivering measurable impact, connectivity, and cultural relevance.  

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